It kinda sucks that even in the worst parts of Africa, weed is still strictly prohibited, while in places like Amsterdam it's fine. It's like, have your dirty water, horrific living conditions, and terrible diseases but don't you dare have a little herb! It's bad for your health! amirite?

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Yes, because weed will completely change their lives and get them out of poverty.

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Maybe they dont want the Africans to spend it on weed and rather on food.

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@OnePenguin Well if they could buy weed...

What about if they could buy weed....?

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It's only ridiculous if they're spending a ton of government money on keeping the law whn they should be using it to help with the poverty.

i love the adiddas sweatshirts you buy in amsterdam where the addidas symbol looks like weed and it says "addicted" lolllll

One, its not that ridiculous since the government most likely does it to try and get closer to economic security and not so much for health reasons or lack their of. Two, weed is not fully legal anywhere in the world. Laws may be less enforced in Amsterdam, but that does not mean its "just fine".

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