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I'm from India, but the British did conquer India a long time ago. Though I'm probably just 1% European. Nothin' Big.

I'm of Italian and Irish descent.

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I'm not sure where it comes in, but I'm Black (so some African), white (Scotland I think), Native American, and Chinese. Yay diversity!

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Maltese, Italian, French, Algerian, Kazakh, Turkmen and Russian (multiculturals ftw!) I'm a little over half European.

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My dad's Korean and my mom's Welsh.
It gets interesting every now and then.

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My parents are from Nigeria and Ghana. So, probably not.

I'm a straight-up nigga

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100% chinese.

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@YuZ 100% chinese.

I doubt it's 100%, there's probably a teensy bit of something else in there. I mean, someone in your family somewhere down the line probably had sex with someone who wasn't Chinese, or 100% Chinese.

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@Frank_n_Furter I doubt it's 100%, there's probably a teensy bit of something else in there. I mean, someone in your family... family's lived in one REALLY secluded town for as long as anyone can remember.

but if we're going that way, nobody's 100% anything...heck we're probably 0.0000000001% monkey somewhere along the line.

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As Dwight Schrute perfectly put it, I'm a "halfsie".
My mother's from India, and my dad's from America.
And I have some weird hybrid skin color.
My sister's white though.
Lucky bitch.

French, Polish, German, and Bohemian.

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I'm a Filipino babyyy!

I'm from all Ethiopian background, so yeah.

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I'm almost completely Irish.

My mom is Lebanese/Assyrian and my dad is Russian/Romanian. I'd consider that half, but both my parents have light coloured eyes, meaning their families were white at some point. Eh...

Irish, English, German and a tiny bit of Maori. The only reason I say English is because pretty much all white people came from England at some point.

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I'm Scottish, English, and Irish

in other words, white.

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Hmmm...a mix. Spanish (European) and Aztec/Maya/Caddo (North American).

100% Serbian babyyyy

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100% Eritrean.

Africa FTW.

Half Belgian.

I'm Swedish and Indian.

Puertorican all the way ^.^