Taylor Gang is fake and it's stupid when middle class white kids think they're "hood" when they post Taylor Gang or die on Facebook, amirite?

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Anyone care to explain?

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@Anyone care to explain?

Wiz Khalifa's gang, but I don't know what the poster is talking about

My God. I go to a school full of wannabe ghetto kids and whenever I say "I'm Taylor", it's always "Like Taylor Gang!"

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I go to Taylor Allderdice, the high school wiz khalifa attended, and I don't even say it. Though I technically have a motive.
Our school's wall is all Taylor Gang or [insert disturbing, painful, awful thing]

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I don't get why what I said was downvoted. That's what it is. If I'm wrong, help me out.

You do realize that 1. It's not actually a gang as in a criminal gang, and 2. Some kids just say it cause it's fun to say or because they like Wiz... right?

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