It is kinda weird to know that someone else in another part of the world is doing the exact thing you are doing right now, amirite?

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Someone else is fucking my girlfriend?!

Slenderfans avatar Slenderfan Yeah You Are +69Reply

Someone else has a llama circus in their bedroom?

griffs28s avatar griffs28 Yeah You Are +11Reply

Listening to If U Seek Amy?

I mean. Um. Slayer. Yeah. d smilie

Vitaes avatar Vitae Yeah You Are +11Reply

Someone else is commenting on this?? I didn't think so... d smilie

Someone else is hiding in a camel carcass, evading the egytian police WHILE on amirite?!!

Anonymous +9Reply

someone else is on amirite and eating cheddar cheese?

I've thought about this a lot.

Eminnas avatar Eminna Yeah You Are +7Reply

Someone else is sitting in a towel on amirite? with black fingerless gloves on listening to Panic! at the Disco and inhaling?

Someone else is masturbating while on amirite and listening to All you need is love by The beatles and petting their pet weasel with their loose hand!?!?!?!?!!?

Anonymous +4Reply

Like the username.

Anonymous +1Reply

*right meow

Someone else is reading Amirite from the toilet, doing nothing but sweating because they just walked home from their boyfriends house?

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