If you're born in September it's safe to assume your parents started their New Year with a bang. amirite?

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October mainly too... Jan 1 + 9 months = Oct 1.

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September 27 but I'm a premature kid by one month. Maybe February 14?

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Oh my god, I was born on the exact date. o:

Haha. Tomorrow (today if you live in the UK) is my birthday.

Well, then August babies must have been one heck of a Christmas surprise. "Honey, guess what?"

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I did not need to know that.

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Please don't traumatize me >.<

My sister's birthday is the 10th. I don't think they made it to their new year's resolution.

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Today is my birthday actually.

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@tea_ thanks :)

Your welcome idk wh it double posted. Maybe you justneeded double the happy

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Hahahaha, my birthday's actually on new years... like how the hell did that happen? d:

October 3rd, but I was 3 days late so, yeah.

September 27th. Ew. XD

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