It doesn’t matter what you type for the security question on amirite.. as long as you type something remotely close to what it tells you to, or choose any answer, it accepts it. This is amazing.. amirite?

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Anthony when he was designing it: "Eh, who gives a fuck, let 'em in!"

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But then I remind her "The only thing we have to fear is Master J's gonorrhea, itself"

And she shuts you down. Bitch.

if you have like half of the letters right it seems to work... and you can add or subtract ones too.. I think it prefers the same first letters for the words, but it’s so lenient!

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Expedia: Where you look matters... wary smilie

I tried it. It works. The security thing was "look before crossing" and I entered "look before crossin"

Not for me. :(

[s]I think I love you.[/s]
I just tried it; it didn't work.

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