No, The government cannot just print a 14 trillion dollar bill to pay off their debt. If they did, it would cause massive inflation and the value of a dollar would go down to less than a cent and Wall Street would crash, amirite?

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And it is usually cloudy when it rains.

This has been re-posted so many times, it has become ridiculous... just saying. And it's not even like it's anything new, this is common knowledge people. Anybody who has taken a history class and learned about WWI knows this

I'm not sure about less than a cent but I completely agree with you.

Like Zimbabwe. My co worker has a hundred trillion zim dollar bill. Useless.

@Deathelf Like Zimbabwe. My co worker has a hundred trillion zim dollar bill. Useless.

I saw 'em for 50 bucks on ebay one time. People think it's fun to be a quadrillionaire.

Why would the value go down?

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@Why would the value go down?

Say to collect pokemon cards and there's this one super rarecard. Only ten copies of this card exist in the entire world an they're selling for thousand of dollars. Now say they have millions of that card in circulation. It's easy to get them. People have so many that they're just getting thrown away. Is it worth as much? Would you still pay thousands of dollars for one?
I don't know if you were trolling when you asked, especially since you remained anon, but now you have an answer anyway because I'm putting off my biology homework.

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