People convicted of animal cruelty should have an automatic lifetime ban from owning more animals, amirite?

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Agreed. I did my senior project on Animal Cruelty and it's possible to be banned and they'll keep your name in a system which is checked, but it's usually only for certain organizations so like a family selling a dog wouldn't be able to know. But Yes I agree it should be instant ban the first time.

Completely agree. And their names should all go on a website so that shelters and breeders and families can just do a quick search to make sure the prospective buyer isn't on there.
I saw on the facebook page of an animal shelter a few hours away from me that they are desperately trying to save a puppy, because some children threw her into a fire. If they're doing such horrible things now, imagine what they'd do when they're older. Their names should go on the website that should exist, and they should be banned from ever owning or going near another animal again.

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@SmartSpoon :'(

In case you're wondering,
picture and story: http://www.facebook.com/photo.p...amp;amp;ref=nfot;Burnt 'Pup'date: We have named our burnt angel Hadyn, which is Welsh for Little Fire. Our vets at TAH are God sent to us especially because they are open 24/7 as it seems almost all our emergencies happen after hours & although we have the greatest welfare vets as well, TAH takes our cause to heart & openly assists us when we have nowehere else to go at night. But now, little HADYN: She is on a drip, she is responsive & currently in no pain due to the pain relief meds & her path to hope of a new, happy & safe life seems to grow brighter as her chances are improving & you our loyal suppawters are her safety net & she is accepting & trusting & her gratitude is in that little sizzled tail's wag........we will keep you all posted throughout the day & give a breakdown when we know, of what all is wrong, how severe it is, what all she will need, long term or short term & what we can do to heal her 100%"

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