Parents in Africa probably have to tell their kids to stop complaining about starvation when kids in America have to deal with relationship problems, facebook changes and, waking up early for school, amirite?

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Don't be ridiculous. Children in Africa don't have parents.

Not because they're black but because AIDS is a serious problem over there.

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I really wish people would specify what country/countries they're talking about instead of just referring to Africa in general. Yes, there are people starving in Africa, but that doesn't mean EVERYONE is. That's as ridiculous as saying that all of Asia is having radiation problems right now, when it's only Japan. I'm Nigerian, and I'm very well fed, thank you very much.

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Because they OP was being completely serious...


I'm starting to think you are a very literal and serious person.

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I dunno, two joke posts you've taken far too seriously in one day.

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It's because they aren't serious, literal, or real. They are satirical.

Sure a lot of people in Africa are starving and would love to be given the chance to get a free education, but I have to wake up at 6:30!

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Kids in third world countries still deal with things like relationship problems and being woken up for school by their parents. Just because they're in a different situation doesn't mean that they're not similar to us.

I'm from Nairobi, Kenya and I'm well feed too.

I'm from Africa and my parents tell me to stop staying up until 2am on facebook. Take that, generalisation.

and, rampant comma overuse

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