There are more "inb4 time macne" jokes than there are actual time macne jokes, amirite?

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Inb4 "inb4 time macne joke" time macne joke.

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Which comment? You make a lot of those things.

And I mean that no one really makes time macne jokes anymore, so the inb4ing is a bit irrelevant.

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Actually, it was! I didn't look at the usernames of the comments, but I did read that post, haha.

Either way, there are still far too many time macne jokes.

thats because if they come first theres always going to be more of them

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I don't think I worded this well; I meant that there are so many more inb4 jokes that they're almost not needed because the actual jokes are barely made anymore.

Obviously. If the jokes weren't inb4'd, there'd be a lot more of them. That's like saying there are more cops than criminals.

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