It doesn't really seem right that on sixbillionsecrets sandwiched between horrific and tragic stories about rape and suicide, there is a story about how upset a 19 year old is about losing her stuffed animal. It's like, I feel for you and I imagine that could be mildly upsetting, but some people on there are legitimately dying. I think you'll be able to survive without Lucky, amirite?

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thats probably the only sincere "secret" on the site. I doubt anyone actually goes "hey i just got raped/cancer, ill go post it on sixbillionsecrets!"

"Everybody's got a secret. If yours is a piece of shit nobody's going to want to read we don't give a fuck." isn't really as appealing a tagline.

The point of that site is to share your secrets, no matter what they are.

I'm sorry, but about half the secrets on there are fake, and the other half are just whiny people who want attention; the rare stuffed animal posts are my favorite because at least they're real.

I like those posts. They ARE secrets, they're just less depressing.

No need to be rude and point out a specific secret. If you don't like it, skip over it and go to the next one.

SixbillionSecrets is there for people to post secrets. Personally, i like stumbling across ones that are something like "I wanna be a Power Ranger" because it makes me happy :)

There should be a site for legitimate secrets, not cries for attention

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@ASWCC There should be a site for legitimate secrets, not cries for attention


There ya go buddy. Not all are good, but some are interesting I suppose. Some you just have no idea wth they are talking about.

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