Someone needs to invent a mirror that doesn't fog up when you take a hot shower. amirite?

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Or one that doesn't fog up when I look in it. :)

It's called a portal to a parallel universe. Quit whining and go get one.

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In the hardware section of your local Walmart, believe it or not, they have them. have you ever googled fog proof mirror? They're very readily available.

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I like the fog, you get to write on it with your fingers and stuff... troll smilie

It's called a fan

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@Javvie It's called a fan

A fan isn't a mirror!

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Rub a little bit of soap over the mirror. Works like a charm.

They did...
It's heated and thus prevents fog. A lot of hotels have them.

I used to have a shower radio and it had a mirror on it that wouldn't fog up

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