A soulmate is someone who's heart beats at the same frequency as your own. The closer you get, the greater your heartbeats' amplitude grows. Your hearts begin to resonate with each other, the nausea sets in, and the two of you are left recollecting every moment of your individual lives up to the single moment when you first met, realizing that there is no comparison. amirite?

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Well isn't that deep in a strange, sort of un-Chauncy way.

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@528491 Well isn't that deep in a strange, sort of un-Chauncy way.

That's what kind of sucks about the internet. Once you start to develop a character on any website, everyone starts expecting for you to act like that all the time.

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So finding a soulmate is about having a muscle in your body that twitches the same as another person, feeling sick, and thinking about the moments in your life when your not with them?

that's pretty dumb

I like how this post if deep and profound, and the one
Immediately below is about ass monkeys.

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