The Hogwarts Express, while cool, doesn't really make much sense for the kids from wizarding families. It would be much more efficient for them to just use floo powder, a portkey or side-along apparition to get to Hogsmeade, then take the carriages to Hogwarts, amirite?

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It would also heighten the divide between wizarding born and muggle born children if only the muggle born had to arrive by train.

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Pottermore says it used to be the responsibility of the parents, who used broomsticks and apparation, which caused many muggle sightings. Afterwards, they used portkeys, but many students either missed the time-slot or became "portkey-sick." Floo powder was suggested but the headmasters believed it would compromise the security of the school. Then the ministry of magic made the hogwarts express because they were so intrigued by the muggle invention.

I do believe this was mentioned on pottermore as to why te train exists

@XhollyXroseX Oh really? I did not know that...why?

And also because floo powder was a security issue since pretty much anyone could use it

@XhollyXroseX Oh really? I did not know that...why?

I can't recall exactly. Something abouthow they wanted a way to make sure everyone got to the right place at the right time and didn't get lost.

It's not as cool, though.

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