What would be cool is if there was a job, and all you had to do was turn a wheel to generate electricity, it would create green energy and make more jobs all at the same time, amirite?

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This is like the best idea ever.

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I think it would be awesome to have a "hamster-style" generator company. Just a bunch of athletic people on running on wheels or treadmills, getting paid by the hour or something.

I imagined someone with a beast right arm and a little twiggy left arm.

@AnnDeeva They could alternate arms...

I realize this, doesn't mean I still didn't see someone with a beast right arm and a twiggy left arm XD

When I was little I thought that was how power plants worked.

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it would probably be a better idea to just make more solar power plants.

False. Energy cannot have a color.

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You would probably only create enough energy to power your own home and at the end of the month, you'd give that money back to the power company.

... vicious cycle..

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i think i would rather work at a zoo and pick up elephant shit

I'm pretty sure there's a thing called a dynamo; its a thing which you crank and it generates electrical potential energy, amirite?

They should do this in prisons, with the prisoners spending a few hours each day on giant hamster wheels connected to generators. They could maybe generate enough to make prisons self-sufficient!

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