Englsih majors...you hate improper use of ellipsis, amirite?

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Good luck with that major

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Why do you have to be an English major to be able to vote?


This is ironic.

English Majors: You also hate it when people don't understand what irony really is.

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They probably also hate it when you spell English wrong.

English majors hate everything about this post.

Im not even close to college or high school and i hate this.

@mchalla3 Im not even close to college or high school and i hate this.

If I were you, I'd work on hating other grammatical errors.

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I would categorize my mistakes under "conventions". But what would I know, anyways? I AM an idiot, after all. An idiot who hates when people use ellipses incorrectly. An idiot who understood what Anon meant, but still went along with what I said in order to make him/her look stupid.

I am also an idiot who recognizes what classifies as ridiculous, and what does not. In my book, a forgotten apostrophe and an 'I' that has not been capitalized in no way counts as "ridiculous".

Thank your lucky stars that I am not typing 'lykk disss'.

I'm in high school and i still hate that.

@I_Fly_Sometimes I'm in high school and i still hate that.

I hate it when people do not capitalize "I"s.

I'm not an english major and I still hate that shit. 90% of my friends on facebook end almost all of their statuses with an ellipsis. Allmyrage.jpg

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I'm an engineering major and this post annoys me.

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Tickle my bunghole.

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This also goes for ANY language major.

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