When a serial killer sees their victim is getting away, they should just shout "you're on scare tactics!" and then catch up and shank them. amirite?

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I'm definitely using this technique next time.

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Thank you for completely making my day! xD

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How is this not post of the day?

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I think this might be my favorite post ever.

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Huh? Explain please.

@heethebobo Huh? Explain please.

Scare Tactics is a TV show where people put their friends on a show (without their knowledge) and actors go through scenarios that are meant to scare that friend. Said friend usually ends up screaming hysterically, running away, or swearing at their attacker/the thing scaring them until the person pulling the prank decides to yell, "You shouldn't be scared! You're on Scare Tactics!"

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Definitely lol'd.

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i seriously just laughed out loud

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