it's awkward when you walk into the bathroom and there's a person in one of the stalls making absolutely no noise, and when you're done in the bathroom they're still there and still silent. It's like... are they dead? amirite?

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they're probably taking a shit or something and waiting for you to leave lol

I'll get distracted by my phone ad do this :(

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@I'll get distracted by my phone ad do this :(

I read that as ad and I was like, "WHOA your phone has ads? THAT SUCKS BRVVAA"

laughed at the "are they dead?" part for some reason

I sometimes enter bathroom stalls to text or call; and no I don't do it for fun and to be cool and text my friends during school, most of the time I'm probably texting my parents telling them I have to stay after school or I'm not going home or something.
Or maybe some girl is changing her tampon or something

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Haha. I found this post by looking through TeddyBearsAreAlive's loved comments.

LOL this cracked me uppp :)

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