When you're tempted to buy something with your hard-earned money, look at the price instead as the amount of time you'd spend working for that amount. So you might see a $40 video game and think, "That's 5 hours of labor right there." The next step is to ask whether it's still worth it. This method should help control impulse buying, amirite?

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I wish this worked for me, I usually end up justifying it to myself in some other way. Last week I bought 11 hours working worth of shoes and was "Oh well I haven't bought shoes in a while" : /

hmmm, roughly 2.5 hours for minecraft......

5 hours for me, too! :/

Titts_McGees avatar Titts_McGee Yeah You Are +2Reply

Great ''tactic'', I actually use it without thinking and often save me some money.

I earn about 25$/h, but I live in Norway and everything here is really expensive.

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I typically get more than 4 hours of enjoyment out of a video game though. I can see how this might work with buying movies or possibly even books, but for video games it seems a bit skewed.

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Maybe with buying food from a restaurant or eating out? I can't really think of that many goods to which this would apply.

I don't work yet, but this will help when I start :)

I voted yya 'cause it should work key word being should, but for me it never does :(
Maybe I should pay for some money management classes -_-...or learn some self controll

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everyone i know does this already

BetaEmissions avatar BetaEmission Yeah You Are +1Reply

4 hours for me. And I thought my job paid well :(

@soberlikekesha 4 hours for me. And I thought my job paid well :(

I actually don't make that much either. It'd be even more than 5 for me because I make $7.50/hr...before taxes :(

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Holy shit! That's what I already do! ... except I usually end up buying the product anyway.

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That's six weeks of chores for me ._.

Seeing as 99% of the things I buy with my own money are video games, I judge it by how long the games are, if its worth it. A Sonic the Hedgehog game, 6 hours. Fallout New Vegas, 100+ hours.

I never buy video games

@Nausicaa I never buy video games

It's an example, Jesus.

Rockys avatar Rocky Yeah You Are +16Reply
@Nausicaa Its a reply, God.

But...it's irritating when people pick apart the specifics of the examples used to illustrate the opinion, rather than discuss the idea itself .__.

Rockys avatar Rocky Yeah You Are +15Reply

That's only an hour and a half for me...

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