At least once you've been talking to someone via your facebook walls, and have accidentally made something your status instead of writing it on your friend's wall, amirite?

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Close. I was searching for someone and I put their name as my status.

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@eldorito You had a Samsung Instinct?

I dunno. It's a samsung, but I dunno what kind haha it's the walmart one with their straighttalk plan.

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No, but I've had someone post a status on my wall. Stalker much...

YDI for talking via facebook walls.

I've accidentally put my status on someone's wall before, too.

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I did this like the very first time I used facebook about 3 years ago. Other than that no

@iceeselenawiz How in the... How'd you italicize that?

Put "//" at the very beginning and at the very end of a word. If you put it after a punctuation it doesn't count though. Ex:
I like dogs
I like dogs.

I use messaging to talk to people.

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