When you hear the words "Political party," you picture George Washington running through the front yard naked and Lincoln passed out drunk on the porch. Amirite?

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Now I do.

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No, I picture Bush spilling his beer all over the dance floor, Clinton flirting with the bartender while Hilary yells at children, Obama in the corner telling stories to a large group of people, Trump is there for some reason spreading rumors about Obama, Palin is throwing rocks at squirrels in the backyard, Paul is on LSD in the bathroom and Biden is passed out on a floaty in the pool.

That was priceless. Inaccurate, but priceless.

@FlyingGuineaPig That was priceless. Inaccurate, but priceless.

I actually miss talking to you young woman :)

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They were probably drinking samuel adams supplied by John Adam's cousin.

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no, but i lol'ed

If only that's what political parties were ._. instead we have to listen to all this crap about republicans being pure evil and democrats being stupid hippies, and then we have to pick one of them that we agree slightly more with.

As entertaining as that sounds, I must say I've never thought of it that way.

I think I just peed myself... XD

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No.. but now I will hahaha

Not what I picture but this is funny!!

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