Girls: there is some really random things about guys you find sexy. For example: I think a guy jumping a wall is sexy, amirite?

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Loosening a tie and holding babies. But not at the same time.

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@aminotwrong Loosening a tie and holding babies. But not at the same time.

The baby thing is cute I guess, but not really sexy. Loosening the tie, however, is very sexy.

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I happen to have a wall in the back of my house and i jump it at least two time a day to go to school and back, I've probably jumped it over 500 times, damn i'm sexy...

How about a guy doing dirty, outdoor, physical labor?

playing piano. oh god.

mollyts avatar mollyt Yeah You Are +32Reply

Yes! But not like hurdle jumping. The put-one-arm-on-the-wall-and-swing-rest-of-body-over kind of sexy jump.

I love when a guy is wearing a long-sleeved shirt, but he has the sleeves rolled up to just below his elbows. There is something that I find unbelievable sexy about that, and I've never been able to explain why.

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What about hunting for buffalo with a spear?

@StickCaveman What about hunting for buffalo with a spear?

The girl will probably feel sorry for the buffalo and start crying.

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Pffftt.. women these days. Not even providing woman and her offspring with delicious buffalo can impress them anymore.

I love it when guys bite the string on their hoodies. oh my lord.

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@I love it when guys bite the string on their hoodies. oh my lord.

Like twenty minutes after I read this comment I walked in the other room and my brother is sitting there with the string on his hoodie in his mouth. I just stared for a second because it was so coincidental.

PurpleMonkeyss avatar PurpleMonkeys Yeah You Are +5Reply

When guys roll their sleeves up to their elbows. GAH.

Or when they chew on the end of their pen.

Playing an instrument. And when they sing while playing guitar/piano.

And when guys' hair is wet. Or after sports, when it's sweaty. SO HOT.

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What about having sex with other men?

I have a thing for guys in vests or suits.

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Asians ;)

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Trench coats. I really, really like guys in trench coats. I have no idea why.

FlyingGuineaPigs avatar FlyingGuineaPig Yeah You Are +8Reply

It's probably just me, but.. I love when guys dance. And not, like, the shuffling-around-awkwardly-junior high dancing thing. I'm talking Broadway-style cavorting around. HOT.

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haha omg so true

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I think it's really attractive when a guy is fixing something, like working on a car or electrical outlet or whatever. Just because it's something I don't know how to do and it shows they're good with their hands. :)

Guys dancing to choreographed dances. An extreme turn-on for me. This might be part of why I love K-Pop boy bands so much.

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Oh God, yes. I love this group, dance, and song.

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For some reason, I like it when a guy props himself against a wall with his shoulder, especially with his arms crossed.

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When guys play sports that tent to get physical like hockey... Hockey players are oh so sexy.

TheycallmeStans avatar TheycallmeStan Yeah You Are +1Reply

I really love it when guys wear shoelaces as belts....is that just me?

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Collarbones, and rolled-up sleeves.

RosesAndNerdss avatar RosesAndNerds Yeah You Are 0Reply

I like it when guys have the cute little button noses... so cute. :) I guess that's not really sexy though.

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