Although the funny, witty posts on amirite are amusing, controversial posts are the best. The whole point of this website was to share your opinions, not to seem like the wittiest user out there, amirite?

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Being controversial doesn't get you laid. hello smilie

@Sturminator Being controversial doesn't get you laid.

I've made several abortion and atheism posts. Bitches love abortions and atheism.

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Plus most of the funny, witty posts are usually stolen from other websites

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Or maybe you just aren't witty enough.

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@Or maybe you just aren't witty enough.

At least I'm not hiding behind an anon. I post my opinions so I can hear what other people have to say.

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I noticed that when i first joined here, everyones main goal in the comments/posts was to be really witty. I've gotten used to it though.

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I'm borrowing my friend's account and using anon so our opinions don't cross. I locked myself out of my old account.

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