It takes hours to write an awesome essay but only a millisecond to exit without saving. amirite?

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This makes me want to save my document.

(even though I'm not even working on one)

That's why it asks you if you're sure you want to exit without saving..

Shuns avatar Shun No Way +2Reply

That's why i have this trick of copying the whole thing and if i do that i just have to paste it back on and remember to save!

Ravens avatar Raven Yeah You Are +2Reply

Google Docs FTW

EmptyMelodiess avatar EmptyMelodies Yeah You Are +1Reply

you can usually retrieve it, and they do ask if you're sure you want to save. but yeah, it really sucks.

flowers avatar flower Yeah You Are -1Reply

*0.012 seconds

__________s avatar __________ Yeah You Are -2Reply

All yall rich people with your fancy technology I still have the ghetto version of word that just says f you and crashes randomly

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