It would be interesting if people had to act like the meaning if their name. Ex: Jillian means youthful, so somebody with that name always has to act youthful and nothing else, amirite?

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Damn. My name means virgin.

It'd be even cooler if the name gave the attribute as a power, so Jillian would be young forever.

I'd have to act like a flower. So... die in the winter?

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Michelle means "who is like God" so I'd have to act like God.

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or if someone named their child Slut

Imagine all the new STD's that would be made

It must suck for the people named Christian who aren't Christian then

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Oh hey, our names mean the same thing

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It looks like someone went through and voted everyone down. I'll make yours even again lol

I would somehow have to go around acting like an "enchanted forest"...

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How would this be interesting? This would mean everyone would be predictable and predictable is NOT interesting.

Royalty. \m/

I have to be friends with EVERYONE? Dammit.

Mine means "father's gift." Sooo, I should wrap my self up, or what?

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My name means weary.
So I get to be tired all the damn time.
I'm not okay with this.

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If I acted like my name, I'd have to grow wings and do whatever it is doves like to do.

my name means fire. I have a huge temper.

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Mine means wise, which means I would just have to speak in vague broad terms about life constantly.

I have to act like a little pearl?
A little pearl?!

I'm Randy.
Uh oh.

According to google, my name means Son of Kenneth. I'm female. :I

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My name means "lame, crippled, etc." But it's supposed to represent having a restless mind. So I would be constantly thinking up new inventions and ideas but not be able to act upon them. Sigh.

Kirrrbys avatar Kirrrby Yeah You Are +3Reply

Mine just means 'life'...I dunno what to make of that.

Tempest_Trances avatar Tempest_Trance Yeah You Are +3Reply

I'd have to act like a rock, just chilling

So I'm... Fateful or something?

My name means warrior of the king. So I guess I should get a horse and sword?

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Mine means "brave," "immortal," or "of the acacia tree." Hmmm...

Mine means pearl am I supposed to sit in a clam?

Dick means powerful. my name isnt dick, but i just thought you would i to know that. haha

I would have to act like a perfect lady all the time :( Damn.

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Mine means little girl, fire, or goddess depending on the language. I prefer the last two, honestly.

Darn, I'm a bee...one of the most hated things in the world. Well at least its better than a fly.

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My name in my language means calm/peaceful... so that would suck

My name means devoted to God....does that mean I should be reading the Bible constantly?

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my name means 'the third'...

@Boardmarker my name means 'the third'...

So you would constantly have to be third in line. Or third to get things. :)

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@Kirrrby So you would constantly have to be third in line. Or third to get things. :)

The weird thing is, my birthday is 93.03.23. born 23.40, a lot of 3s. I think my parents planned it out.

@Boardmarker my name means 'the third'...

Suit up for Battle School, Ender.

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Mine means "Dark One"... Heh, not different from how I'm perceived

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Hell yeah, my name means prince.

My name means "God shall add another son."

I'm an only child. Would I not exist? ._.

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My name means defender. I do that everyday for me and my buddies.... Mission accomplished.

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Gabriel would be "God is my Strength"

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My name means "Born on Christmas" too! Excpet I was born about a month away...

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