It's mind-blowing to think about how speaking and languages began, you can't think of a world without verbal communication. How would you even think without words, amirite?

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that's actually quite deep. I'm gonna seriously ponder how to think without words. Although, presumably we were not modern humans the last time we had no words. Also, great apes learn sign language and birds speak, which is also mind blowing to me.

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you would think how you do now
just without words
you'd still have your feelings, visual memories, etc.

words are sounds
you would probably just think with different sounds that aren't words

the majority (maybe 80%) of communication is non-verbal

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We are formatted to think with words, so most of us do it most of the time.
However you can think without it ; chances are these thoughts will be simple or confuse.

Language seem to only serve communication, but it has this strange power to extend the ability to think.

I think thoughts without words would basically just be ideas or images

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Wouldn't need to think with words if everything modern we do involves words

Sometimes my thoughts are just pictures. Though the world would be lonely without any communication

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