Why do little girls carry purses around? What do they need to carry, diapers? amirite?

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It just makes them feel grown up. Every little girl sees their mom with a purse and wants to be like her mom.

nowadays, probably their iphones.

@ilikefurrywolves4815 nowadays, probably their iphones.

yeah, i know right? the world is just turning sadder and sadder

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@pk88fan yeah, i know right? the world is just turning sadder and sadder

i know
what happened to the world of small children?!

When I was little I carried a few dollars, chapstick, and stuff like that.

I always carried a diaper around when I was little girl. You never know.

Tissues and crayons. You never know when you're gonna a runny nose or something will need coloring....it's good to be prepared.

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I carried a purse when I was little because I liked purses. There's nothing wrong with it lol. Little girls like purses.

I've carried a purse a longggg time. Usually it was nickels and those teeny jaw clips with the little tiny beads, until I was 7 and started carrying adult dose Epi-Pens, and Bhenadryl.

I carried snacks in mine.
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