Alice in Wonderland fan: "Sometimes I believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast." Amirite fan: "Sometimes I make as many as six original posts before breakfast." Amirite?

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1: You hate orange juice with the pulp, amirite?
2: Usually when you have breakfast, it's just cereal or a pop tart, not some huge meal like on the tv. amirite?
3: You obliterate people who get in the way of your morning cup o' joe, amirite?
4: When you were a kid, the best mornings were the ones where you woke up to dry sheets. amirite?
5: You don't understand why you should bring your parents breakfast in bed. Who the hell's gonna do that for me? amirite?
6: Your posts are best at a certain time of day, amirite?

you forget 6 after breakfast

That's a magnet on my fridge (the first quote).

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