Contrary to pornos, girls aren't halfway to an orgasm just because you touched her boobs. It takes a lot more work then that. amirite?

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The breasts are an effective visual stimulant for men, who seem happy to caress & palpate them for ages. But to be honest, I do not regard them as an erogenous zone, and they play only a minor role when I masturbate. I have talked to women who enjoy an element of pain to trigger an orgasm, & enjoy their nipples being tweaked at the appropriate moment. But men are rather heavy-handed in this department & usually distract their partner in her quest for orgasm rather than help her get there.
I really envy girls who can climax from breast stimulation alone as I’d love to introduce a bit of variety into my sex life. Still, I can’t complain; I already have as many orgasms as I could ever want!

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A small percentage of women CAN actually be near to or fully orgasm just from stimulation of the breasts and nipples, though.

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