Being graded on effort is so stupid. In the real world, even if you work hard but produce horrible results, there is no reason for your boss to keep you. This really applies to being a surgeon. amirite?

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I think it depends on what you're doing. P.E. or art, for example, are horrible if you're not graded by effort. In my art class we were graded on how good our pictures were, and many of my classmates and I received very poor grades. Likewise our final, 25% of our grade, was based on how fast you could run the mile, and for girls eight minutes was a B-.
Also, though it may seem like this isn't the case, there is a difference between grading on effort and telling kids they can be whatever they want to be. Most people will pick up on what they are and are not good at regardless of what grade they get, as they have to do coursework anyway. I'm not saying it's appropriate to always use effort as a scale, but it definitely has it's place, and it doesn't necessarily tell people they can become astronauts.

But it's not to promote bad work instead of no work, it's to promote TRYING to succeed. You can tell there's no effort when a person just throws together some crap. You can tell there's effort if there's a wrong answer with all the steps but one little mistake.

"Hey, boss.. The heart transplant was a failure. My bad.."
"Jim, it was so simple, you only had one thing to do!"
"well, I tried my best!"

"But..I tried my best!"

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My teachers would always yell at me for not showing enough "effort" or "creativity" or some shit while fulfilling all the requirements of the stupid fucking unnecessary project.
"I see you drew the thirty species of trees like I asked, and traced each leaf with the 100 leaf/tree minimum, but I wasn't too impressed with your coloring effort on the maple and pine trees. Those were a bit sloppy. And your title was lacking in glitter. No, I didn't say you had to have glitter, but it makes it look so much better! You get a B+"

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