It's hard when you want to kiss a girl who wants to kiss you but you're a loser and don't know how to do it or even if you'll be able to without screwing everything up, amirite?

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Kissing anyone for the first time is nerve racking, no matter if you've kissed someone before or not. You don't know what they like, how their lips move, how they'll fit with yours.
And it's even more nerve racking if THEY have kissed several people before.

But after that first time it's just like "psht, whatever, those lips are basically mine"

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You're not a loser if a girl likes you back.

Second, go for it! Try it, see what happens, maybe ask her out afterwards!

Third, best of luck, mate, and may the quality of being a good kisser be with you.

Why don't you get a straw?

That just happened to me, only it was the other way around. He dared me to kiss him but I'm like GAH NO YOU KISS ME.

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maybe you should just kill yourself.

Haha, this was mine. I forgot this was homepaged. It just became relevant again and I almost posted it but then I remembered I already did. :P

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