they should get off their lazy asses and invent flying cars, already. and if they are at it, hoverboards would be cool, also, amirite?

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Ahh.. The almighty "they"

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Has anyone else realized that if they can invent flying cars, they can invent flying brooms. And you know what that means? QUIDDITCH TIME!!! N8-)

Why ruin the beautiful sky with cars and air highways? Airplanes are just fine. I don't want to ruin the beauty of the sky but cluttering it with cars.

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Hoverboards would be super cool though, it would be just like back to the future!!!!

You asked and they delivered.

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People can't look left or right, I dunno if you can add up and down

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Until you fall off the hoverboard. That would suck.

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lol. yes.

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Come on, we have airplanes and spaceships, I'm sure 'they' have flying cars, they just don't want dumb people to reek havoc on an already chaotic world.

They have a flying car, it just isn't for sale to people yet, I think there was some weight issue or something. But still, it isn't a flying car so much as a car that turns into a plane.

Screw that, hover bison

Please tell me this is a reaction to watching back to the future on teenick

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The flying car has been invented, Arthur Weasley just wasn't allowed to make anymore.

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Op, if its a matter of laziness, you invent one.
And proosopagnosia, THAT IS WIN

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