There's always been that fear in the back of your head that while resting on the inside of the car door during a long drive, it will suddenly open, you will fly out onto the road, and get splattered by an oncoming semi truck, amirite?

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Oddly specific...

When I was little the doors in the back of my mom's car would randomly fly open, so I was only allowed to sit in the front or in the middle seat in case it ever happened, and I always had to wear a seat belt. The car was eventually changed.

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No it never has scared me, but thanks for that newly instilled fear! :D

...well there is now

That happened to my uncle a while ago...except for the whole get run over by a semi part

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Yes, even when the door was locked and I was wearing a seatbelt.

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Final destination.

Nope, ever since I was a little kid and if there was a long drive I would just rest my head on the door and window without worry, and I will continue doing that as something you describe has not happened once in my 15 years and 7 billion trips across the country.

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I usually try to avoid leaning on the door and I promise myself I won't do it the whole trip. 4 hours later I'm a little more tired and I convince myself it will be okay. Even then I check to make sure the door is locked like every 10 minutes.

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