Sometimes, you're so thirsty at school that when you wrap your arms around the water fountain in a loving embrace, your mouth millimeters from a watery kiss, you almost feel like you're molesting the thing, amirite?

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I can honestly say that I have never done that Rocky

@Rocky Well, I have. Many a time.

You're an odd bean.
Do you know how many germs are on water fountains? A lot.

Haha, poor Rocky. He puts this in "I do that too" and in all actuality nobody does...

I love the imagery...

Wtf Rocky

Rockys avatar Rocky Yeah You Are +1Reply

No I'm afraid you'd molest me considering I'm around 70% water.

lmfao I love this

acisseJs avatar acisseJ Yeah You Are +1Reply

You are a strange child.

only when I'm high.

I hate those fountains so many germs lurk.

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