You don't understand how people can just steal cash or something from someone, because the guilt you'd feel from having dishonestly gained the possession would ruin any pleasure it might have provided you, amirite?

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well I think it depends on why they are prompted to steal in the first place. If it is for money to buy a video game or something I completely agree with the post. If it is money for food or medical bills, that is another moral/ethics issue.

Not everyone feels guilty for this.

@Nacklefoodle Not everyone feels guilty for this.

I don't remember saying everyone did.

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@Rocky I don't remember saying everyone did.

It was implied. You feel guilt when you do this, so in your post you say "How could they live with the guilt" thinking they feel the same way. My point is, the people who can do this regularly probably don't feel guilt, so that's why it's easy for them.

Nah, the extra money feels better than the guilt.

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