If any sport had to go through a lockout...thank god it was basketball amirite?

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Do you even watch the NBA? They just had pretty much the most exciting regular season of the past 20 years, not to mention an amazing playoffs. The rivalries are heating up (Bulls, Heat, Celtics in the East. Mavs, Lakers, Thunder, Spurs in the West.), there are legitimate superstars-villains and heroes. Going into lockout was a tragedy for all of sports, in fact.

@GrandMasterHibibu The way you explained that almost made me wanna watch basketball. Then I was like, wait... no.

I'm not sure how I should feel about that...thanks? Haha, but if you start to follow the NBA, it becomes completely fascinating. I'll admit, football (American) is better to watch casually and baseball is better to watch if you're having trouble sleeping, but when it comes to being a die-hard fan, nothing beats the NBA.

Basketball is only exciting for the last 2 minutes of a close game.

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I would rather baseball go into a lockout than basketball. But that'd just me I love watching the NBA.

Basketball gets so repetetive

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I wish it was poker or bowling. You know those sports that nobody makes a big deal out of because they're not big of a deal:P

hockey went through a lockout a few years back... it was painful

Really? I feel like I would miss any other sport less, other than football.

Nah, soccer would be best. That shit sucks.

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