You are responsible for what you say, not for what others understand. amirite?

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Actually, this is a major misconception about communication. It is equally important that you make sure you send the desired message. The receiver should confirm what they heard, but they are not solely responsible for any misunderstandings.

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True. Unless you think you're being clear, when in fact you aren't.

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You are not appropriately conveying the message until the receiver understands what you are trying to say.

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But it is your fault for not trying to put it in a way so that they can get it. you might change what you say to "the grass we are standing on is colored green" or something. my whole point is just that the communicator is always responsible for what he/she communicates.

Yeah it's not my fault if I say I love you, but you thought I said I hate you and then it ruins both our lives.

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It's also about the way you say it because tone has a big effect on what others understand.

Not always. I think that it is just as important to make sure that things you say aren't offensive to others; just because you don't feel it's offensive doesn't mean you're not responsible for offending someone with your words.

I agree with some of the commenters; making sure the other person understands is important in conversation, and if you don't, you're just being rude. If someone asks "how do I turn up the volume?" and you reply "push the button", don't expect them to know which button you're talking about.

So yea ur responsible for what you said..... If u didn't explain it okay ur responsibility but If others don't understand after you made it clear or understand things the way they want to then ur not

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