It is important to be thankful for little things in life. Like the fact that the world doesn't make a strange creaking noise when it rotates on its axis. amirite?

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I want this to be POTD.

Shugahs avatar Shugah Yeah You Are +8Reply

If it did, that creaking would be sooooo loud.

ThisBlackChicks avatar ThisBlackChick Yeah You Are +5Reply

Ahhh that's great..:D

Brambleclaw8s avatar Brambleclaw8 Yeah You Are +2Reply

Hahahahaha I dont know why but that made me laugh so loud

anniebananie92s avatar anniebananie92 Yeah You Are +2Reply

If it did, we wouldn't notice it unless it was an off and on kind of thing.

saratabas avatar sarataba Yeah You Are +2Reply

this is my favorite post ever.

Evan17s avatar Evan17 Yeah You Are +2Reply

I shuddered...

DoctorWhats avatar DoctorWhat Yeah You Are +1Reply