It's sad how phobic of fat people society is today. if someone said, "I only date other white people", they'd be racist and close-minded. But if someone said "I don't date fat people", people see that as being "okay". It should NOT be "okay" to not date fat girls just because of our size, especially when it's thought to be caused by genetics or glandular problems. Instead guys should judge what's on the INSIDE, because that's what counts, amirite?

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I'm judging your insides and all I see is risk for cardiovascular disease.

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@KatieKatie Thank you for making my day.

It's cool how Ikun make your day 10 months after making the comment.

It's not up to you to decide what attracts someone else. Who they like and date is up to them. Try changing yourself before changing others.

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Not always. It's not like every single fat person is fat because they don't exercise and eat bad food, it's genetic sometimes.

@Nacklefoodle Not always. It's not like every single fat person is fat because they don't exercise and eat bad food, it's genetic...

Actionman: MOST people who have weight issues have them because they eat poorly/don't exercise.

Nackfoodle: Not always. It's genetics SOMETIMES.

Same thing.


Apparently, it's quite often in genetics as well, like Nacklefoodle says
There's this thing called PCOS and, well, this should explain it:

@Frank_n_Furter I wouldn't call 6% of all obesity being caused by a biological problem "quite a lot"

Depends on what numbers you take

6% is indeed not a lot, but the actual number of individuals with this problem is quite a lot

R u phat?

Not dating someone because of race is different than weight. You can control your wieght. You might be predisposed to be on the heavier side, just like you can be predisposed to anything else. That doesn't mean you have no control. If you have hormonal issue then tough tits, but I bet you don't.

The inside may be what counts, but you have to be satisfied with the outside as well. 

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I dont see anything wrong with dating fat girls but im not going to date a girl fatter than me and im in shape so therfore im not going to date a fat girl

From this post I'm not sure I like your insides either.

I bet a fat girl wrote this.

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Yeah because she said "our" size

I personally am more attracted to white girls, but I dont think that's racist. Just like Im friends with black girls who dot want to date white guys.

I can't help who I'm attracted to. Besides I can't share in most of my passions such as hiking with a fat person. I'm attracted to certain features, so be it. No one can tell anyone what they have to like or dislike. Not something anyone can control.

u jelly, fatfags? troll smilie

Are you the same person who made the "fat girls are smarter" post cause I was wondering if there would every be a post stupider than that one, and i think i found it

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Personally I feel like most of you guys are reading this the wrong way. I don't know. Maybe I'm the one that is. But I feel that the OP was referring to a specific attitude here. There's often an attitude difference between saying "I won't ever date a fat person" and saying "I'm not attracted to fat people". Obviously if you aren't attracted to someone you probably won't want to date them, and that's fine. But I read the post as addressing when people say that they won't date fat people with an attitude that indicates that the reason is that they look down on fat people, not simply that they aren't attracted to them. It's a step further, one that includes a mean outlook.

Also, for all of you that responded with comments calling the OP names, shame on you. That is sad and pathetic. That's all I have to say about that.

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There's nothing wrong with being attracted to a certain race, or not being attracted to one. Just like there's nothing wrong with being attracted to a certain body type. You should date people you're attracted to, inside and out.

You can't really influence who or what you're attracted to. I, for example, am attracted to tall and blond, mostly. Doesn't mean that if you don't have either of those traits I will never give you a second look. Just means certain things catch my eye quicker, cause somehow I'm attracted to it

Also, I think there's a big difference between chubby/overweight and morbidly obese. I know a lot of awesome, good looking girls who are on the chubby/overweight side and they actually get quite a bit of male attention

And no, I'm not implying OP is morbidly obese, simply saying I can understand why some people would say that

You can't control who you're attracted to. Just as there are people who aren't attracted to larger people, there are people who won't date someone thin and prefer fat. So is that ok, for a guy to say he only dates fat people?


Omg what's wrong with some of the comments on this post? Some people really can't help being fat, and others may have a medical condition. I know someone who doesn't eat a lot, and eats healthy, barely has any "cheese burgers" like what some of the comments are implying, and she's over weight. It's just the way the body works, some people burn less fat than normal people do. Also, gain of weight can be caused by stress sometimes. I know that she can lose the weight if she worked out more, but she doesn't really have time on her hands to work out whenever she wants.

And even if someone is fat because they eat a lot, you have no right to insult or make fun of them. I'm not saying you're obligated to date them; of you're not attracted to fat people then that's fine, but dont go making fun of them.

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@Maya Omg what's wrong with some of the comments on this post? Some people really can't help being fat, and others may...

Also I just wanna add that some people are hypocrites. They're like "respect everyone's opinions and choices; it's their life they can do whatever they want! That tranny can dress up in a dress if they want, that girl can shave her head, poor bullimic girl it's not like she's forcing herself to throw up. But you sir; lolz u phatty stop eating cheezburgers."

I didn't have any better way to say this so I had to put it in some sort of speech and shit; I hope my point is clear :(

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Easy to say, hard to actually do.

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I would compare being fat to smoking. There is nothing wrong with not wanting to date someone who smokes, because they choose to smoke. Being fat is also, most of the time, a choice, and to some people it is simply not attractive, like how I wouldn't date a smoker because I believe that it does say something about their view on life.

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Would you rather date someone who is ugly or someone who is attractive? Because fatness is commonly accepted as an unattractive attribute of someone...

Oh, and by the way, OP, you made it so, so obvious that you're an emotionally unstable fat chick.

Fat girls aren't attractive, simple as that.It's not our fault we are biologically primed to search for the most physically fit mates to reproduce with.

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It doesn't matter why they're fat. If you don't like that look, of course you're not going to date them. It's as simple as that. Nothing mean about it.

Does it really matter what size a person is? Personally im not sexually attracted to fat people but im not going to shun everyone whos a little on the fluffy side. I know some fat people who are seriously awesome. Think of it this way: that chubby person may just need a little motivation to lose weight and YOU could be that motivation...or not. Its really up to you.
Good for you anonymous for giving everyone the right to be happy and loved.

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