We should find out what spiders are scared of and just put said object in places to scare them as revenge, amirite?

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@elarnis basilisks.

I just wish the basilisk had gotten to aragog before harry got to him.

Chells avatar Chell Yeah You Are +2Reply
@elarnis basilisks.

I was about to put that

Happythedragons avatar Happythedragon Yeah You Are 0Reply

The corpses of other spiders.

I think our revenge of killing them is enough...

A female spider with a posotive pregnancy test.

Sergs avatar Serg Yeah You Are +2Reply

rubber wasps n hornets. Who wouldn't be scared of super bees?

B10ckH34ds avatar B10ckH34d Yeah You Are 0Reply
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Maybe the spiders are wrong...

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Yeah, they're scared of humans.

Or just get pet snakes...

Bookworm527s avatar Bookworm527 Yeah You Are 0Reply

They don't like citrus
especially orange
Just spray Orange glow around your doors and windows and that should keep them out

Goblins, Octupuses, and sand.

You sir earned yourself a homepage vote from me

Matt_the_Jews avatar Matt_the_Jew Yeah You Are -2Reply
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