You appreciate clothing companies that charge extra for larger sizes. If your shirt has three times more fabric than mine you should be charged more for it, amirite?

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I think if a shirt only costs 3 cents to make, I shouldn't have to spend $100 on it period, regardless of the size.

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Fat people already have enough reason to be sad, give em a break bro.

I tried using this logic to get a deal at Victoria's Secret.
"If these panties have less fabric they should cost less dammit!"

Honesty, If I pay $100 for a Lacoste or R.L. Polo, I'd expect it to come in any size for the same price. Although, I see what you're saying in the instance of a Walmart shirt where more fabric doubles the manufacturing costs.

I'm kind of surprised so many people agreed to this. I've only seen larger shirts cost more at one store, and I was going to buy a medium, but it was five dollars more than the small, and it kind of made me feel fat, as if my shirt needed way more fabric that most people's.

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It should encourage people to lose some weight. You know, do that thing called exercise?

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Almost everywhere you go charges more for men's big sizes or women's plus sizes. You need to realize that companies need to make money to survive. So, yes, they have every right to charge more for the larger sizes because they have to use more fabric to make the shirts. (And, by the way, this is coming from a woman that was in a size 1x for several years and had to pay more for clothes that fit right.)

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How can people disagree with this?

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It doesn't matter the reason people are fat. It's like saying if you want a 2 liter soda instead of a 1 liter soda, the 2 liter soda should probably cost more.

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@Emperorerror It doesn't matter the reason people are fat. It's like saying if you want a 2 liter soda instead of a 1 liter soda...

Exactly! If you're gonna make the company use a yard more fabric to make an xxxxl then yeah you should have to pay more for it, they're using more fabric it costs more momey

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