You would go insane too if, you had an I.Q. of 300, could build giant death machines, control monsters, and cripple a nation's military but the only thing stopping you was a giant blue hedgehog, amirite?

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And if you had a moustache that makes you look like you're being electrocuted 24/7

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God I know, that Mario is such a jerk.

And if you had such a ridiculous name.

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@Cpt_McMuffin And if you had such a ridiculous name.

I see you would know about ridiculous names, Captain McMuffin.

CPFC_Peavlers avatar CPFC_Peavler Yeah You Are +21Reply

And the robots you spend so much time making end up resembling a chicken and a scarecrow-tank hybrid with matching ridiculous personalities.

I thought it was about Einstein at the beginning

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