You hope your kids will appreciate the Harry Potter books/movies as much as our generation do, amirite?

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I just want my kids to have good grammar.

Funny, everyone seems to get really pissed off at all the younger kids who get excited about Toy story 3 the lion king being re-released because ''they didn't grow up with it''.

I couldn't give a shit.

I want them to have something better.

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@Shadi does*

No, dey a gangsta.

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i think it will kinda be like how we think of starwars or lord of the rings

I know I'll get a few negative comments for saying this, but I've been thinking about that for the past few hours o.o they will be the movies my children grow up with >:)

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My children will not being reading that nonsense.

Oh God i hope not. One generation of HP freaks is bad enough

If something as lame as the bible can have fans thousands of years after being written, I'm sure HP will still be appreciated in 50 years.

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