You've watched a pirated movie before, amirite?

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It was rated 3.14159 out of 10. Ha.

Jennitalias avatar Jennitalia Yeah You Are +36Reply

It was rated arr.

Seans avatar Sean Yeah You Are +27Reply
@Sean It was rated arr.


That was the sound of me slapping my knee in my roaring fit of laughter

The first time I read this, I thought it said "you've watched a pirate movie before" and I was like "well, I think almost everyone has seen Pirates of the Caribbean...

AnnDeevas avatar AnnDeeva Yeah You Are +15Reply

You have eyes, amirite?

mich_s avatar mich_ Yeah You Are +14Reply

Nice try, cops.

If you're Filipino , you watch them all the time .

WonderfulSayAs avatar WonderfulSayA Yeah You Are 0Reply

My mom's a guidance counselor who's friendly with all the police and my dad's a national guardsman with a giant gun, and I have quite possibly the world's biggest (and most annoying) conscience. This girl is not going to be breaking any type of law any time soon.

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