Life's length, in many ways, is comparable to Call of Duty. Your spawn point largely contributes to the length of your life. For example, if you "spawn" in Africa, that's comparable to spawning in the enemy's crosshairs, amirite?

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You play COD too much.

@YeahIAm COD > Life.

Portal >= Physics homework. I mean it pretty much teaches you physics

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Super Mario Bros > nutrition

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0.9 repeating >= 1

@__________ 0.9 repeating >= 1

How is it greater then or equal to 1? Shouldnt it be less then or equal to 1?

@YeahIAm More like less than 1...


@YeahIAm Exactly. 1 > .99999999999........

Lim x->infinity of sum 9/10(1/10)x x=0 x, equals 1

@Sonofarifle Lim x->infinity of sum 9/10(1/10)x x=0 x, equals 1

Wow, I looked it up, and you're right. That's a mind fuck.

@__________ So, greater than OR equals to is true.

.999...=1 but anytime you write it, it will be less than 1, because it is impossible to write anything an infinite number of times. So .99999...<1 if you are going by written, .9999...=1 if you are going simply by the math. So it is usually written as .9999...=1

Hmmm. What is the equivalent of spawning behind the entire enemy team?

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I spawned in Africa. And my family has a history of longevity (95-102 before death). How do you like THAT? storms off overdramatically

Piss off. As if the entire African continent is a giant shithole.

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