it really sucks when you're watching a tv show or movie that you've seen heaps of times with someone who hasn't seen it before and you can't help but laugh 30 seconds before every jokes happens. the other person is always just like wtf >.>, amirite?

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Or you notice a connection between later in the movie or later in the T.V. series and you exclaim "Oh! I get it! That's connected to ___"
and then you give away the big twist and ruin it for your friend.

Yes, I speak from experience.

Your from Australia, yes? You said heaps! Haha, I love that word. Heaps.

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And you also remember it a lot funnier than it actually was, so you don't even have a legitimate excuse for giggling as much you did.

This happened to me before...only it was with some of my parent's friends...dont ask

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It's more annoying for the other person I think

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