You know you have bad posture when you have a red line across your stomach from slouching for too long, amirite?

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This made me sit up straight :$

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It's not from being fat, because I have it basically imprinted on my stomach and I'm barely 100 lbs.

raquelthewombats avatar raquelthewombat Yeah You Are +10Reply

Always have that. It's practically like a tattoo on my body

(cry2) THANKS FOR REMINDING ME!!!! -Sits up straight-

Can one get rid of these lines?

@Mtrenchie Can one get rid of these lines?

I'm pretty sure they will eventually just go away on their own after a while

abbeyds avatar abbeyd Yeah You Are +1Reply

Or you're fat

@flower Or you're fat

I was about to say that! Cuz I have one of those...

AtheisticMystics avatar AtheisticMystic Yeah You Are +2Reply
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