We all get caught up in thinking "life would be better if I met X" or "life would be so awesome if I lived in X or was born with such and such." But we need to remember something: the fact that life could be worse makes it good. And the fact that life could be better makes it real. amirite?

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If only I had fallen out if a different vagina...

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@If only I had fallen out if a different vagina...

Or swam out of a different ball sack.

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the only problem is to get a real evaluation of life you need to hear the opinion of it from someone who has never lived, because your personal opinion on life is affected because your living.

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I like to think about things oppositely, like "My life could be so much worse if I had never met X" and then I feel grateful. But even so, I think it's just human nature to wonder what a life would be like where you met/ got/ did anything you wanted.

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