People who listen to their iPod to fall asleep: It'd be pretty sweet if they figured out a way so that as soon as you fall asleep, your iPod pauses so you don't have to worry about setting the sleep timer. amirite?

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i always fall asleep to my ipod!
but when i wake up in the morning the headphones are wrapped around me. it's like those bastard headphones were planning to kill me somehow...d smilie

Just make an On-The-Go playlist and lock your iPod. Make it about 7 songs, or however long it takes you to fall asleep. Battery saved.

I need a life.

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I read because I'm a gangsta.

What I do sometimes is I plug in my iPod every night to charge and I just put it on shuffle. Sure I wake up in the morning and it's still playing, but atleast I got to sleep and my iPod is fully charged!

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i usually make sure my ipod has low battery while playing music as i fall asleep. that way it closes automatically :)

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You could've taken the first part out. Even though I don't do that I still agree that that would be cool

INB4 Grammar Nazis: The second "that" is supposed to be there

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Ohhh! I thought it meant in the post.. Sorry. I'm kind of an idiot..

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SERIOUSLY! I think about this a lot, so I figured out a way to cheat it a little. I just make an on-th-go playlist, I turn off shuffle and let it play. When it finishes your playlist, it automatically stops. The only downside for me is that I don't have an i-pod dock; I have a speaker system set up in my room, so I can't turn off the speakers when I'm done. nbd though. I wish I knew a way to set my favorite songs as my alarms because I have grown immune to the sound of my alarm clock.

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@mNmL0ver14 SERIOUSLY! I think about this a lot, so I figured out a way to cheat it a little. I just make an on-th-go playlist...

Android phones do that. Most other cell phones probably do too but I can only say HTC phones with Android Gingerbread for sure because that's what I have.

I like that it's still on when i wake up

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