When in school, deliberately not making eye contact with the teacher is basically the equivalent of raising your hand, amirite?

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Just stare intensely and give a creepy smile at them, see how they react.

None of my teachers do that. They only call on us if we have our hands raised or we make, deliberate or not, eye contact with them.

Unless of course you make eye contact, in which case its reversed of course

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Yes and no. It's really quite an art form. The thing that works best for me is to try and look like you're thinking really hard.

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just stare right at them. i have done this, and haven't been chosen for eight months tomorrow.

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I always just stare at my paper/book and move my mouth as if I'm talking to myself to figure it out, making them think I'm still working, and actually trying to do the question.

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My teacher calls out anyone who looks away, and then he makes them read a bunch in front of the class.

i feel like i'm the only person in my classes who actually makes eye contact with the professors, mostly because i kind of have to read their lips cos i don't have the best hearing, and they always expectantly look at me for an answer to whatever they're saying. it gets annoying

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